Aridonis is an indie-pop artist with a musical universe as broad as the events that inspire him. The singer-songwriter’s name comes from the Eridanus constellation, a collection of stars that Aridonis equates to the phenomenon of life—small pieces of a much larger picture, connected by each other. Weaving different genres—electronic rock, catchy bedroom pop and indie folk, to name a few—together as easily as he weaves stories about the world and his life, Aridonis is a unique and relatable artist. 

The Vancouver musician is proud of the DIY ethic that informs his work, performing nearly every instrument on each track he records. Music is just the tip of the iceberg—Aridonis does everything from music videos to merch design and hand-drawing the artwork for each release. Formed in late 2019, Aridonis has been relegated largely to the internet but the future burns bright. 

When he returns to a live setting, Aridonis has a catalogue of songs that speak to people from all walks of life. Whether an observation on life, surviving cancer or internet culture, it is filled with an instantly-familiar spirit. Aridonis is just one small piece of the picture; come connect the dots.