Merch Manifesto

The Aridonis Merch Manifesto:

It’s really inconvenient how much damage the music industry does to the planet. And I’m not just talking about Taylor Swift’s private jet. There’s all the gas guzzling cross-country tours, the unregulated PVC plastic that goes into a vinyl record, the 2500L of water that goes into growing the cotton to make literally one T-Shirt, there’s a lot of environmental, not to mention ethical, issues there.

It sucks. I don’t really want to contribute to it too much if I can help it. Which can be a difficult thing to reconcile in this late-stage capitalism situation we have going on here. Because of how poorly things like Spotify pay, you kinda need to sell things to people, or have a massive following to make even a modest living. It’s one of those rock/hard place type deals.  

So I’ve made a personal commitment to not be a total dick to the planet, while continuing to give a neato experience to the amazing folks who want to help support the music I make. So you aren’t going to see a ton of physical media like vinyl and CDs in my store. UNLESS I can put some sort of a carbon offset model in place to actually help the environment more than it would hurt it. Otherwise a lot of my products/experiences are going to be digital. Private online concerts/digital hangouts, song downloads, the Princess Club, etc.

This also means most of the physical stuff I sell, whether it be T-Shirts, cassettes, prints, etc, is going to be hand-made by me, or someone in my community. It’s gonna be made mostly out of low-impact, recycled, or up-cycled materials. Plus it’s GUARANTEED to be made with love, both for the person buying it, and the planet they live on.

  It's kinda like when you find that sweet vintage Dolly Parton concert tee at the thrift store, and you're super stoked because it has a cool history, it isn't  impacting the environment, and the money is (hopefully) helping out a good cause. That's the kinda vibe I'm going for. 

  Or if you wanna sign up for the Princess Club, you'll be supporting me directly and get an automatic discount in my store!


^I upcycled this donated shirt.

Printing on it by hand, so it's one-of-a-kind, carbon neutral, and also cool AF.