New Music Out May 27th!!

So for a musician, I’m kinda bad, at like… putting out music.

Except I’m not.

I’m great at it.

 (Negative self-talk is for wimps.)

That’s right, a new song is out May 27th “hey.” is a track I wrote during the pandemic while I was kinda figuring my life out in these strange times, and going through a lot of personal growth. I’m really proud of it. 

I wrote it and played all the instruments, and my friend Cassandra produced it. She’s great. She’s got an amazing ear and is in the top 10% of musicians in Vancouver for real. I’ve been meaning to make something with her for a while, and she freakin DELIVERED. 

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That’s it for today. Thanks as always for being so massively supportive, and be sure to check out my next email for the details about the track, and fun stuff that’s coming with it.