I’m The Problem/Holding a Grudge 7″ Single (Acoustic)


TL;DR  I’m selling a 7″ vinyl of an acoustic recording of Holding a Grudge and I’m The Problem with blank covers. Leave a note on the purchase, and I’ll hand draw whatever you want on the cover. It’ll be funny cause I can’t draw. Oh, and there’s only gonna be twenty of them.



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I wanted to make something intimate, honest, and special for you guys. 

So I went into the studio in late 2020, and recorded 6 songs. All one-take, acoustic, live off the floor. I took them home, mixed them for like 10 minutes each, mastered them myself, and then sent them off to a dude from Toronto I met on Instagram (IG:localdishcuts) and he cut TWENTY (only TWENTY) singles. They’re gonna be released in three seperate releases (ONLY TWENTY OF EACH)

The first tracks on what I’m calling the “Naked, Acoustic, and Afraid” series, is

A: Holding a Grudge

B: I’m The Problem

Also, the covers are TOTALLY BLANK. But not in like a Beatles white album way.  I want them to have stuff on them. I just couldn’t think of what. So leave a note when you make your purchase (or DM me on IG after) and I’ll bust out the crayola glitter crayons and do my best.

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