BLACK V-Neck, ITP Shirt, WHITE Logo, Branded UNIQLO, Size M. Wash Gentle, Tumble or low-heat Dry.


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You know when you’re at a thrift store and you find that rad old pre-loved band shirt? The Aridonis Bootleg Collection (or ABC) is a collection of merch made by hand by me out of vintage, recycled, or thrifted clothing items to give that same vibe.

No sweatshops are involved, no water is wasted growing cotton for brand new T-Shirts, and no carbon is burned shipping  raw materials all over the world. (Which is really important to me, as outlined in my merch manifesto)

As a result, there may be some small signs of wear as these are not brand new items. But just know you’re supporting me directly by buying this stuff and not big yucky fast fashion companies, or predatory speculative used clothing resellers.

All Items are 1 of 1. What you see in the photo is the exact item being sold. If you don’t see something in a style, size or colour you’re into, send an email to with what you’re looking for and I’ll try to make it happen. 

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