I made a website, yee-haw go me.

I made a website to promote the music that I like, but only if it’s also music that I made.

This is where I’m gonna be selling my merch, hosting my private members-only livestreams, posting blog-posts like this, and whatever else. Just to kinda keep all my content in one place, instead of FORCING YOU to go follow me on instagram, tik-tok, youtube, twitter, facebook, spotify, linkedin,twitch, etc. (But please still do those things as it really helps me out thankyouloveyou) I can keep it all here in a sort of central hub.

From here, you’ll be able to hangout, and be a part of the Aridonis community. But first, we have to make an Aridonis community. THAT’S WHERE YOU COME IN.

There’s a couple ways you can do that. . .

If you want to sign up to be a part of my “Aridonis electronic mail news-o-rama letter” , please please please please do. I don’t want to have to depend on social media platforms fumbling when I go to tell you about you something, or even worse, just not showing it to you cause I didn’t pay to have it advertised at you. (Gross) I would prefer to just send you an email instead. So I’ll be using that to give you updates about future releases, videos, shows, etc. I won’t spam you, I promise. I’m a really cool and respectful guy, with a good understanding of boundaries. If I’m feeling super proactive it’ll be like once a week, tops.

If you happen to be a really cool rad human being, maybe you’d be ok with becoming a donating member? A small, recurring donation of $3/month will really help support me in continuing to make stuff and work towards my dream of being a music-dude full time.

-PLUS It’ll get you access to the my *sexy voice* “Members-Only” Livestreams. Those will be hosted here on the site. Those might be internet type shows, hangouts, videogames, chats with special guests, songwriting sessions, whatever.

-This will ALSO get you into the “Aridonis Princess-Posting” Facebook group where you can make embarrassing memes, talk shit about my moustache, plot my murder, etc. And all aforementioned live-streams will end up on there as well.

For only $5/month you’ll also get 20% off the merch I’m selling, and I’m gonna stick your name into a little thank-you on my videos and music releases whenever appropriate.

And if none of this interests you, no worries. It’s a lot to ask just to have 5 minutes of someone’s attention nowadays, let alone their money. So I appreciate you very much if you’ve even read this far, and even more if you want to be involved in helping me take my career up to the next level, but if it doesn’t interest you, PLEASE share this page with someone who might be interested. That’s just as big a help.

That’s all for now, stay awesome.



*Photo credit to J* IG: @lux328


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